Welcome to the world of UMDRA, Your Online source. © UMDRA.com. Please help us all grow and learn from others by joining us in our Forum.  01234 000000  To ALWAYS get the lastest UMDRA news please Join our Forum to help stay informed on all Snowmobile and Motorcycle powered Dragsters, Funny cars and Snowmobile powered Dragbikes. UMDRA.com annual Meet and Greet race August 1st & 2nd. Join us for some Grudge racing with Super Pro and Pro. UMDRA.com News UMDRA is an online association that promotes cost effective drag racing with snowmobile or motorcycle powered race cars by encouraging the sharing of ideas and information with others online or in person at any race track. *The word mini is by no mean a reference to the wheelbase or size of your ride. It’s a reference to the power plant - Snow/Moto. Smaller than the big block or small block automotive engines*  United Mini Drag Racers Association UMDRA.com Worlds Fastest Snowmobile Powered Dragster! Congrats to FURY Racing, From AUSTIN, TEXAS USA. First in the 4 second 1/8 mile. 1.236 60 foot, 3.265 330 feet 1/8th Mile ET - 4.984 @ 141.97 Steve said We're going to add a little weight to the front, possibly add some sort of a front wing and try and reset the 1/8 record. Snowmobile Powered News FURY RACING UMDRA.com Worlds Fastest Motorcycle Powered Dragster! Congrats to Blaze Hansen! Blaze is also the 1st in the 7s from QUEENLANDS,AUSTRALIA. 1.173 60 foot, 3.177 330 feet 1/8th Mile ET - 4.897 @ 143.46 1000 foot time - 6.427 1/4 Mile ET 7.687 @ 176.56 Time Slip and or Video is viewable in our UMDRA Records section. Motorcycle Powered News BLAZE HANSEN UMDRA.com UMDRA.com Powered by: _×XMçKÌÑÑèÝX×_™ (E McKinney) UMDRA.com DVD #1   UMDRA.com DVD #2 UMDRA.com YOUTUBE Channel UMDRA.com VIDEOS ONLINE ASSOCIATION Not a racing series WWMHRA Drag Racing Series Page UMDRA.com Online Free Forum